Mt. Lebanon Recreation Department with Indoor Tennis

Mt. Lebanon sponsors Adult Tennis Beginner, Advanced Beginner and Intermediate Beginner classes. It is helpful if you own a tennis racquet, if not one will be provided. Please wear comfortable athletic wear and tennis or running shoes. Should you have any questions or are unsure of your level, please contact Tennis Center Manager, Hank Hughes at 412-343-3411.

Adult Beginner

This program is geared toward total novice or getting back into the game. Basic instruction on how to hold a racket, stroke production, rules of tennis and introductory strategy will be covered. Singles and doubles play will be introduced.

Adult Advanced Beginner

A player in this class should have the ability to sustain a short rally, be able to start a point by serving, could keep score and have some knowledge of the rules. Also can play a little at the net and have some understanding of strategy.

Adult Intermediate

Fairly experienced player who can serve consistently. Starting to add spin and placement and implement beginning strategies.